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Rohit Khare rkhare at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 10:44:44 PST 2020

Dan *is* still a good friend -- honest, intense, erudite, ambitious. A dad,
too, before any other identity as a "serial entrepreneur" or "e-commerce

I'm still picking through too many memories to tell a story yet, but I
always have to begin from this headline: the single most important
hypothesis of my professional life came from debating Dan.

Not that he was wrong, or even that he disagreed with my point of view.
It's just that by working through arguments with him tempered and honed my
own. I admit I envy some of the work he's led.

(The idea itself isn't the point; it's his role as catalyst & antagonist I
honor. The idea was decentralization, about "munchkins" and the argument
that "there's nothing Teledesic can do from orbit to make the internet more
ubiquitous than we ought to be able to deploy cheaply without a Telco on
our own...")

Of course, as a friend he was a also an inspiration, for TRAVELMAN, for
building community, for enjoying the  good life and leading a Good Life.

Also, cancer metaphors are inadequate for cancer.

It is so telling that into the end he was fighting for technology to make
the world safer, defending New York from COVID, as you can read right up to
the end at dankohn.com/health

With deep sympathy for Julie and his kids,


Dan Kohn was an American serial entrepreneur and nonprofit executive who
led the Linux Foundation’s Public Health initiative. He was formerly the
executive director at Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which
sustains and integrates open source cloud software including Kubernetes and
Fluentd, through 2020. The first company he founded, NetMarket, conducted
the first secure commercial transaction on the web in 1994.

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