[FoRK] Question: Regarding Creating An Tech-Candidate AssessmentApplication

Ken Ganshirt ken at ganshirt.ca
Fri Mar 22 11:42:35 PDT 2019

Greg, you said:
“It should be related to something they really have to learn at the job or 
related to a recent issue that needed to be solved. “

Cory would really have to be careful with the assignment. You can’t assess someone’s ability to demonstrate this if they have no access to the people/environment they need in order to acquire the necessary understanding in enough detail to code a solution, eg. overnight assignment.

You could, on the other hand, expect them to describe – verbally in the interview, with help from the whiteboard and suitable hand waving – how they would approach designing the actual solution and building it.


From: Gregory Alan Bolcer
Sent: March 22, 2019 9:19 AM
To: Corey L Hubbard; gbolcer at bitvore.com
Subject: Re: [FoRK] Question: Regarding Creating An Tech-Candidate AssessmentApplication

Hi Corey,

I'm not a big fan of in-office tests. If you gave them an overnight 
assignment, that's probably the best way.

Also, just discussing strategy on a whiteboard about how they would 
solve it w/o writing code is a good approach. I saw something just today 
about understanding-design-building.  I think a prospect who can recite 
the problem back to you to shows understanding; spends some time working 
out a design on a whiteboard shows creativity; actually building 
something as an overnight assignment to be peer-reviewed the next day as 
a deadline shows problem solving and time management. All are probably 
the best tests of success.

So, no to the first two; yes to the third, but only in that context.  I 
think it should be an overnight assignment as "nesting" aka setting up 
one's dev env properly for a specific style of development or language 
isn't a quick off the shelf skil.

The other issue is the assignments can't be like class assignments.  It 
should be related to something they really have to learn at the job or 
related to a recent issue that needed to be solved.  Some of the coding 
needs to be language specific too.  E.g. an understanding of java stream 
.map and .filter to do some sort of processing or conversion.  Proper 
handling of nulls or strings.  Ability to recognize applicable off the 
shelf open source or python libraries.  Ability to find development 
patterns on their and demonstrate the applicability of them for a task. 
In fact, you might even guide the assignment by putting implementation 
patterns on the assignment.

Hope that helps,


On 3/4/2019 4:59 PM, Corey L Hubbard wrote:
> Hello Gregory,
> I am an entrepreneur creating a digital staffing marketplace and 
> I wanted to ask if you could answer a couple of questions regarding 
> creating a test to assess Software Engineers/Developers software 
> language knowledge and test how well those professionals apply their 
> knowledge to solve real-world problems.
> My questions are what is the test format multiple choice, essay, coding 
> problem-solving or a combination of the three or another format 
> entirely. I am open to chat for 15 minutes or you can reply with your 
> answers and/or insights. That said, feel free to send me an invite for a 
> chat. Lastly, I want to thank you for your time in advance.
> My Calendly 
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