[FoRK] Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming

Gregory Alan Bolcer greg at bolcer.org
Sun Oct 26 09:06:49 PDT 2014

That's the point.

Those super intelligent creationists should brush up on their 
theoretical computer science, and maybe study a few chapters of set 
theory, computability theory, complexity theory, and the slightest bit 
of logic.

They'll either end up using a subset of the omniverse with a new set of 
morals that are, pun intended, morally equivalent, but with no useful 
metric or way to prove that they are any better or worse that was has 
already been, or they'll need to prove that it's possible to come up 
with a new class that's computationally different than what already 
exists (no matter how you define computationally) that has a result 
that's not reachable with existing computational techniques (includng 
mother nature and God) derived from a subset of that which they are 
trying to disprove.

They should probably read up on their Goedel too.


On 10/26/2014 6:27 AM, dan at geer.org wrote:
> Gregory Alan Bolcer writes:
>   | Morality is written by the winners?
>   |
> No, but history is.
> [ For believers such as myself, morality is a standard given from Above. ]
> --dan
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