[FoRK] FoRK Digest, Vol 121, Issue 7

Dave Long dave.long at bluewin.ch
Sat Oct 12 14:12:55 PDT 2013

> No more
> tweedy snoozers lecturing everyone into oblivion and charging $50,000
> a year. Think of college as a gym membership, with trainers to help
> you make the most of the machines around you.

Perhaps this metaphor was ill-chosen, as (if I understand properly  
what I've heard from those more into the physical training culture  
than I*), training involves a certain amount of, if not  
autodidacticism, at least self-motivation, and is less a matter of  
equipment than technique.  Think Rocky Balbo, more than Ivan Drago.   
 From what I've heard, gyms are where people go who have other  
intentions than getting fit (at one of my old offices, it was  
possible to watch people drive circles around the parking lot,  
waiting until they could get a close spot before *going to the  
gym*!), and the machines and trainers are there to ensure that even  
if they don't make much progress, at least they'll be moving through  
the property and won't be injuring themselves.  Simple revenue  
protection, like debeaking chickens.


* "In the bars he'd frequented as a cowboy hotshot, the elite stance  
involved a certain relaxed contempt for the flesh"

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