[FoRK] [zfs] Announcing OpenZFS

dan at geer.org dan at geer.org
Thu Sep 19 18:14:43 PDT 2013

 >                     I close down firefox completely two dozen times
 > a day.  Also, no cookies, caches, anything survive past that.  My method
 > for research instead of tabs is print to PDF where it gets indexed and
 > searchable.

If there are auto-refresh pages (or the like) displayed in an
indefinitely-running browser, when you move to a new location you
have signaled that you have done so to lots of possible parties
(advertising networks, various analytic systems, anything that you
might characterized as a MITM, etc.)  Many facts can be extracted
from a browser, and user behavior can be collected by the back-end
without client-side code.  In the face of current machine learning
technique, it is difficult to break this relate-ability.  The only
real defense against relate-ability is to not load content from
domains which you want to keep unable to identify you, or to introduce
a broad set of anti-measurement behaviors into your browsing sessions.
Traffic analysis is much more powerful than content analysis (hence
the soothing mendacity of the Obama administration's nostrum that
"It's only metadata").


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