[FoRK] Google vs Garden of Eden

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Wed Jul 31 23:51:47 PDT 2013

The rules of Garden of Eden:

Don't eat of the tree of knowledge... if you do, we kick you out.

The rules of Google:

There is all this cool shit happening here. We are not like Apple (ha ha 
biblical reference win). We let every employee know what we are doing.

Eat freely from the tree of knowledge!

You can literally view every single piece of source code we ship or run, 
no matter what actual project you work on.

Knowledge is good. Share the knowledge (internally)! Learn what we are 


If you share even a tiny bit of this tree of knowledge externally, we 
will kick you out. Because like duh.

P.S. Similarities: decent free food

I hear you telephone thing listening in

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