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Gary -

Awesome dude.   I wish we had a "like" button for fork and I could put 
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On 1/3/12 7:41 AM, Gary Stock wrote:
> Since others weighed in, I'll pile on.  I didn't want to read that 
> article.
> When I realized the other day that it was written by A.J. Jacobs, I 
> expected it would be worthless -- since his writing usually is.  That 
> turned out to be true, as usual, so my first decision NOT to read it 
> was the correct one.
> Jacobs makes up stupid tasks for himself -- like reading the entire 
> encyclopedia then claiming to have been on a "Humble Quest to Become 
> the /Smartest Person/ in the World"-- so he can have ~something~ to 
> write about, because he's never had an interesting idea of his own.
> He seems to be a very good self-promoter, though.  Somehow, he's 
> managed to convince people at NPR that he's clever, so they invite him 
> on for a ridiculous, insipid interview every now and then, after he 
> gets done living biblically for a year, or wiping his ass with the 
> other hand for a change, or whatever artificial garbage he came up 
> with to generate another book or fulfill another open-ended contract.
> As for the rude dipshit, Brad Blanton, who espouses Radical Honesty, 
> you only need to read one line on page four of the article to 
> understand his world.  After meeting at length with Jacobs, and 
> exchanging a lot of email, he insists that Jacob will:
>    "still need to take a workshop (price tag: $2,800)"
> Namely, Blanton's workshop, which is the reason Blanton continues to 
> push his selfish shitfuck lifestyle.  Regardless of Jacobs' assumption 
> to the contrary, Blanton is, by definition, full of New Age Sewage.  
> He sells his selfishness to other people who don't have an original 
> idea about how to be, and aren't interesting enough, or smart enough 
> to be THEMSELVES even for a moment, and who feel "full of life" and 
> "authentic" when told exactly what to do, and exactly how to be.
> People like A.J. Jacobs.  See how that explains what happened here?  
> Jacobs isn't a real person, and Blanton instructed him how to be one 
> -- if ever so briefly -- so Jacobs did it, and now is pretending it 
> was interesting.
> What a load of incredible shit.
> Actually, page three of the article provides Jacobs' single relevant 
> (though stupidly inaccurate) insight from the entire five-page waste 
> of time:
>    "I have a theory: I think Blanton devised Radical Honesty
>     partly as a way to pick up women."
> Partly?  See?  There's the proof Jacobs is not very smart.  Blanton 
> didn't devise shit.  Blanton is just a rude motherfucker, and realized 
> that even when he was rude he could pick up ~some~ women, so he did it 
> that way, and called attention to it (because he also likes attention, 
> which makes him feel like his rudeness is somehow "interesting).
> Then he realized he could make money by telling other guys it was OK 
> to be equally rude.  That asshole didn't devise ~SHIT~.  He's just a 
> fucking con man who likes anonymous sex.  Nothing new there.  Congress 
> is full of them.  It's amazing he ~wasn't~ elected!
> By the way, I have exactly the ~problem~ that Blanton says is a 
> desirable trait:  I say what I think without filtering it very much.  
> And people hate, hate, HATE that shit.  It ruins intimate 
> relationships.  AND it makes it pretty goddamn hard to work with 
> anybody who's NOT a genius.
> So, I STRONGLY advise against this Radical Honesty stupidity.  It's a 
> bullshit theory reverse-engineered by a bullshit artist who couldn't 
> get his dick wet by being a decent human being.
> If that wasn't radical enough, I don't care.
> GS
> On 1/2/12 1:19 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
>> I've sort of run across it before, but hadn't found the full dose 
>> before.
>> Doesn't seem like I hold back too much.  (Hopefully I'll get time to 
>> write up my discussion with the assigned officer for my complaint 
>> before my trip.  He made a surprisingly clear admission.)
>> http://www.esquire.com/features/honesty0707
>> TL; CnC  (Too long, couldn't copy.  ;-) )
>> sdw
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