[FoRK] Radical Honesty

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Jan 3 09:35:28 PST 2012

Nicely ambiguous.  And radically honest.  ;-)

On 1/3/12 7:41 AM, Gary Stock wrote:
> Since others weighed in, I'll pile on.  I didn't want to read that article.
> When I realized the other day that it was written by A.J. Jacobs, I expected it would be worthless -- since his writing usually 
> is.  That turned out to be true, as usual, so my first decision NOT to read it was the correct one.
> Jacobs makes up stupid tasks for himself -- like reading the entire encyclopedia then claiming to have been on a "Humble Quest to 
> Become the /Smartest Person/ in the World"-- so he can have ~something~ to write about, because he's never had an interesting idea 
> of his own.
> He seems to be a very good self-promoter, though.  Somehow, he's managed to convince people at NPR that he's clever, so they 
> invite him on for a ridiculous, insipid interview every now and then, after he gets done living biblically for a year, or wiping 
> his ass with the other hand for a change, or whatever artificial garbage he came up with to generate another book or fulfill 
> another open-ended contract.
> As for the rude dipshit, Brad Blanton, who espouses Radical Honesty, you only need to read one line on page four of the article to 
> understand his world.  After meeting at length with Jacobs, and exchanging a lot of email, he insists that Jacob will:
>    "still need to take a workshop (price tag: $2,800)"
> Namely, Blanton's workshop, which is the reason Blanton continues to push his selfish shitfuck lifestyle.  Regardless of Jacobs' 
> assumption to the contrary, Blanton is, by definition, full of New Age Sewage.  He sells his selfishness to other people who don't 
> have an original idea about how to be, and aren't interesting enough, or smart enough to be THEMSELVES even for a moment, and who 
> feel "full of life" and "authentic" when told exactly what to do, and exactly how to be.
> People like A.J. Jacobs.  See how that explains what happened here?  Jacobs isn't a real person, and Blanton instructed him how to 
> be one -- if ever so briefly -- so Jacobs did it, and now is pretending it was interesting.
> What a load of incredible shit.
> Actually, page three of the article provides Jacobs' single relevant (though stupidly inaccurate) insight from the entire 
> five-page waste of time:
>    "I have a theory: I think Blanton devised Radical Honesty
>     partly as a way to pick up women."
> Partly?  See?  There's the proof Jacobs is not very smart.  Blanton didn't devise shit.  Blanton is just a rude motherfucker, and 
> realized that even when he was rude he could pick up ~some~ women, so he did it that way, and called attention to it (because he 
> also likes attention, which makes him feel like his rudeness is somehow "interesting).
> Then he realized he could make money by telling other guys it was OK to be equally rude.  That asshole didn't devise ~SHIT~.  He's 
> just a fucking con man who likes anonymous sex.  Nothing new there.  Congress is full of them.  It's amazing he ~wasn't~ elected!
> By the way, I have exactly the ~problem~ that Blanton says is a desirable trait:  I say what I think without filtering it very 
> much.  And people hate, hate, HATE that shit.  It ruins intimate relationships.  AND it makes it pretty goddamn hard to work with 
> anybody who's NOT a genius.

Not everyone hates it.  It's required on FoRK pretty much.

As far as intimate relationships, it depends on how you express yourself.  You can successfully say just about anything if you 
explain well and put the right spin on it.

For well-practiced-at-improving-people, it's often a short jump from incompetent to accomplished.  As long as you aren't playing a 
"I'm better than you, see here's more proof" childish game, feedback to help you improve can be effective continuing education.  If 
you're good at that exchange, you can be perfectly honest all the time and people will love it because they are getting better while 
not feeling sour (condescended to etc.).  I would much rather work with people who are better than I am so I can learn more faster.

> So, I STRONGLY advise against this Radical Honesty stupidity.  It's a bullshit theory reverse-engineered by a bullshit artist who 
> couldn't get his dick wet by being a decent human being.
> If that wasn't radical enough, I don't care.
> GS
> On 1/2/12 1:19 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
>> I've sort of run across it before, but hadn't found the full dose before.
>> Doesn't seem like I hold back too much.  (Hopefully I'll get time to write up my discussion with the assigned officer for my 
>> complaint before my trip.  He made a surprisingly clear admission.)
>> http://www.esquire.com/features/honesty0707
>> TL; CnC  (Too long, couldn't copy.  ;-) )
>> sdw 


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