[FoRK] Radical Honesty

Reza B'Far (Oracle) reza.bfar at oracle.com
Mon Jan 2 20:24:42 PST 2012

is this really about honesty or Narcissism?
It took a while to read the entire article, but didn't the author think 
whether it's even OK to have the thoughts in the first paragraph?  Is it 
really OK for a human being to feel like any thought that goes through 
his/her brain is OK to have and that there should be no self-check 
mechanism that says "man, that was horrible, there must be something 
wrong with me... ".

IMHO, even if "dishonesty" is a huge problem, a much bigger problem is 
narcissism and the fact that everything seems to be relative and OK.  As 
much as I can't deal with the far right, this gets under my skin to no 
end on the far left.  "Radical Honesty" (at least the way it's explained 
in this article) just seems to be yet another departure from civil 
discourse, another rant on complete relativism, and reinforcement of the 
"it's all about me... me... me... and myself... and I... "  How about 
"Humility", "Empathy", "Sympathy", etc.?

Article is completely depressing.

On 1/1/12 10:19 PM, Stephen Williams wrote:
> I've sort of run across it before, but hadn't found the full dose before.
> Doesn't seem like I hold back too much.  (Hopefully I'll get time to 
> write up my discussion with the assigned officer for my complaint 
> before my trip.  He made a surprisingly clear admission.)
> http://www.esquire.com/features/honesty0707
> TL; CnC  (Too long, couldn't copy.  ;-) )
> sdw
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