[FoRK] Big polluters: one massive container ship equa ls 50 million cars

Russell Turpin russell.turpin at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 15:52:20 PST 2011

Paul Evans writes:
> The U.S. Navy has accumulated over 5,400 "reactor years" of accident-free experience...

The US Navy isn't cost-driven, in a market driven by near-term profit,
on typically thin margins, and where operators know they can duck
worst-case liability. There are a lot of ugly stories from the world
of commercial shipping. Such as ships being abandoned under unclear
ownership to avoid cost of repair or disposal. It would be interesting
to compare general accidents, collisions, and groundings between Naval
vessels and comparable commercial vessels.

There's no reason that ships have to burn bunker fuel. Except, it is
the cheap way to go. Which means, it is the way shipping will go,
until there are international requirements otherwise. Any discussion
of shipping doing something cleaner but more expensive on a voluntary
basis can be shelved next to the book on how best to photograph

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