[FoRK] Disruptive innovation

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Dec 29 08:21:46 PST 2011

Okay, so my spidey-sense is tingling again, it's like a case of hives, figured I'd come out of seclusion long enough to get this prognostication on record.

As with Napster early on, I think there's something very significant going on that most folks haven't caught onto yet, but that has the potential to disrupt just about everything.

Years ago I said "put cameras in cell phones and Big Shit happens."  Or something like that.

It's happening.  The other, synergistic / enabling key technologies are ubiquitous connectivity, access to large-scale compute cycles ("the cloud") and significant advances in computer vision in conjunction with big data.

Amazon Flow,  Walgreen's iPhone "scan to refill" app, and similar product-recognizing cloud services --- where "the cloud" has millions of eyes all over the place and can recognize and recall millions of products, and eventually people, locations, situations, etc. --- are game-changers.

Brick-and-mortar is in trouble.  Showroom model, anyone?  The potential impact of this kind of point-and-shoot exo-brain tied into the consumer ecosystem is HUGE.  As in, tough for even me to get my head around.

My $0.02.  Amazon Flow.  Jeff Bob sez check it out.


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