[FoRK] question for you guys

Damien Morton dmorton at bitfurnace.com
Sat Jun 25 06:48:19 PDT 2011

On Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 5:10 PM, Gary Stock <gstock at nexcerpt.com> wrote:

> I wonder whether a United States dollar bill might be sufficiently "common"
> -- if not counterfeited.

No, but could build a library of global bill sizes; laborious, but possible.
Difficult to ensure that the bill lies flat though.

> Any chance the top (or at least the diameter of the rim) of a Coca Cola can
> is identical everywhere?

Coke cans come in several different sizes. US cans are different from
Australian and European cans, but can probably figure out which type of can
is used from the L/D ratio. When using paper, can also figure out A4 vs US
Letter from the L/W ratio.

But, the reference object must be in the same location/plane (possibly
> parallax-corrected)... right?

Yes - reference object will be placed on a flat surface next to the object
to be measured.

> GS
> On 6/25/11 7:37 AM, Damien Morton wrote:
>> You are in the middle of nowhere, in any country in the world, but not so
>> remote that you dont have internet.
>> You want to send photos of a large, flat object to a service which will
>> then
>> measure that object.
>> To measure the object accurately, there need to be some rectangular or
>> circular reference objects of known size in the photos.
>> Ideally some coded photogrammetry targets should be printed and used.
>> If you dont have a printer, then A4 or US Letter paper sheets can be used.
>> These are pretty much the ideal size.
>> No paper, then credit cards can be used. Smaller than ideal, a problems
>> with
>> the printing on them, but usable.
>> Can anyone think of any other common flat rectangular or circular objects
>> that have standardised sizes globally?
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