[FoRK] DC area question.

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Tue Jun 21 13:54:46 PDT 2011

Definitely, Smithsonians (and others like Corcoran, Spy, etc.) are the most awesome deal / destination.  You could go non-stop for 
weeks and not see everything.  And, you might have heard of this little place called "The Library of Congress", the MOAL.  (My ex 
was a volunteer there and thought about the docent track.)  It IS open to the public you know, to some extent at least.  And, while 
not obviously housing books, the nearby Jefferson building is cool inside.

The new, larger wing of the Air and Space museum is out near Dulles / Ashburn.  Entrance is still free there, as a Smithsonian, but 
parking costs $10.  I used to have a yearly pass when they first opened.

The museums, monuments, trails, events, etc. make DC fairly nice.  Especially if you lived in town I suspect.  But you'd probably 
want private schooling for kids in DC while the public schools are mostly great in the suburbs.  Traditionally (although a little 
better lately because the Post exposes everything), DC is the model for dysfunctional government, lazy government employees, 
entitlement, and corruption.  But they have been trying to fix everything and occasionally let someone competent slip into office it 

If you inline skate, I can introduce you to my old club there, WAR (Washington Area Roadskaters).  I still host their website: 
I skated with them 1-2 times/ wk. about 50% of the time for over 10 years.  15 miles on Wed. evening and 20-25 on Sunday morning, in 
heat or cold.  They have been meeting in front of the White House since you could drive there.


On 6/21/11 12:59 PM, Owen Byrne wrote:
> I haven't been to Powell's, but the Smithsonian museums (all with free admission) seems like it might offer some solace.
> On Jun 21, 2011, at 12:23 PM, Tom Higgins wrote:
>> Thanks folks, your info and insights have all been amazingly good to
>> hear. The possible  job offer is not for me but for my wife who is a
>> life long .gover, in fact I met her when I was a contracted geek and
>> she was my BLM stask order manager some 15 years ago. The offer and
>> position are all still in flux, I am calling it Schrodinger's Job
>> Offer. From what I can tell it is in DC proper, smack in the middle of
>> marble and traffic snarls. Since I am still going to be a stay at home
>> dad I will most likely become the transit system for the kids and my
>> elderly mom; Portland's mass  transit system has set the bar high and
>> I doubt it's like will be easily found.
>> Harder still will be finding the likes of Powell's Books, sure they
>> are online but the joys of wandering the stacks in the main store and
>> the tech annex are not digitizable.
>> I am still wrapping my head and spreadsheets around the cost of living
>> differences between here and some of the possible wheres you folks
>> have pointed out.  Some interesting pluses and minuses.
>> thanks again for all the info.
>> -tom(flux flux all is fliux)higgins


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