[FoRK] DC area question.

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 12:23:38 PDT 2011

Thanks folks, your info and insights have all been amazingly good to
hear. The possible  job offer is not for me but for my wife who is a
life long .gover, in fact I met her when I was a contracted geek and
she was my BLM stask order manager some 15 years ago. The offer and
position are all still in flux, I am calling it Schrodinger's Job
Offer. From what I can tell it is in DC proper, smack in the middle of
marble and traffic snarls. Since I am still going to be a stay at home
dad I will most likely become the transit system for the kids and my
elderly mom; Portland's mass  transit system has set the bar high and
I doubt it's like will be easily found.

Harder still will be finding the likes of Powell's Books, sure they
are online but the joys of wandering the stacks in the main store and
the tech annex are not digitizable.

I am still wrapping my head and spreadsheets around the cost of living
differences between here and some of the possible wheres you folks
have pointed out.  Some interesting pluses and minuses.

thanks again for all the info.

-tom(flux flux all is fliux)higgins

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