[FoRK] Poll Finds Shift Toward Libertarian Views

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Mon Jun 20 23:50:47 PDT 2011

Not claiming too much foresight but I predicted this shift for the 2012 election on this very list seven years ago, which I figured followed from demographics back in the early part of last decade. 

Apparently a majority of Americans are becoming both socially liberal and fiscally conservative? Worse things could happen.


Mind you, I only found it interesting because it confirmed an old prediction that everyone thought was nutty at the time. :-)  

In truth, my predictions way back then did not track the quick rise and collapse of the Democrats, though I did predict that the traditional coalitions would become almost completely unglued due to pragmatic market shifts. That collapse of the traditional party coalitions was part of my basis for predicting an atypical popular libertarian resurgence. Of course, my prediction still sucks if it does not amount to anything.

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