[FoRK] Microsoft completes a "soft buy" of Nokia, was: Re: Microsoft paying Nokia $1 billion to use WP7

Stephen Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Apr 21 12:21:27 PDT 2011

On 4/21/11 11:28 AM, Stephen Williams wrote:
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> It seems that Nokia is licensing all of their technology to Microsoft and "significantly reducing operating expenses".  I.e. this 
> is a soft purchase of Nokia by Microsoft and a gradual decline or truncation of Nokia development.  I'm betting this is an end run 
> around EU anti-trust blocks to an outright purchase.  Europe, you've been hoodwinked.
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> sdw 

It could be inferred that Microsoft has been following a grand plan to get into mobile via Nokia for a while.  And the Nokia board 
must have been in on it, otherwise why hire a Microsoft "ex"-executive as CEO?  It will be interesting to find out any details there 
some day.

"Microsoft - Always one (or more) steps behind."

It seems that going this deep with Nokia constitutes an "Apple model".  A couple years ago, when Apple was the only phone / phone OS 
vendor to get it together, that may have looked like the only viable option.  Funny that Android has outpaced everyone with a 
"Microsoft model" (really a "Linux model" with the commercial underpinning of a Microsoft model, a hybrid that will be unbeatable) 
just as Microsoft's me-too Apple model strategy comes to light.  Wince did try the Microsoft Model, but no one's going to fall for 
that a second time, especially since it was typically-inferior Microsoft fare.  Unfortunately for them, there can be only one Apple 
Model at a time with any serious viability.

Microsoft is in a fractal innovator's dilemma coupled with a deep confidence game and a bad case of rotten underpinnings that poison 
the culture.  They can't (consistently) do the right thing because it would cannibalize revenue.  They can't (seriously) adopt 
anyone else's technology or standards because it would imply that they'd made mistakes or produced something inferior; more 
lucrative to push the notion that other options are just different or inferior because they are not the Microsoft Way or don't have 
market share, etc.  I.e., ignore objective measures, just believe with us that it is somehow bad for you, Amen brother.  And the 
care and feeding of customers, developers, and the community at large is almost on par with creating a religion out of spite and/or 
graft and then dying before you've slain your own monster.  Epic fail.  Or great success at failing hard, depending on your perspective.


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