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On 29 March 2010 09:16, Jeremy Apthorp <nornagon at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 29 March 2010 08:57, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
>> Who's playing whom? Or not? Who cares?
>> Welcome to the deep end.
>> Anyway, LGG videos are refreshingly different in various strange ways. Not
>> quite good, but shiny.
>> http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=1676
>>> /The symbolism surrounding Lady Gaga is so blatant that one might wonder
>>> if it’s all a sick joke. Illuminati symbolism is becoming so clear that
>>> analyses like this one becomes a simple exercise of pointing out the
>>> obvious. Her whole persona (whether its an act or not) is a tribute to mind
>>> control, where being vacuous, incoherent and absent minded becomes a
>>> fashionable thing./
>> ...
>>> So her name basically says: I’m a lady and I’m empty-headed. This empty
>>> head can filled with any crap you want. Imitate me young people. This state
>>> of mind is achieved after successful mind control.
>>> Her name is also said to be inspired by Queen’s song “Radio Gaga”. The
>>> video of this song contains many scenes of the 1927 movie Metropolis. As
>>> seen in my article on* **Beyonce/Sasha Fierce*
>>> <http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=604>, the motion picture tells the story of a
>>> woman from the working class that was chosen by the elite to give life to a
>>> robot, through a mix of science and Black magic.
>>> This robot becomes a sexy and alluring performer and is given the goal to
>>> corrupt the working class. References to this movie abound in music videos,
>>> as if it was very significant for the occult elite. Madonna, Beyonce, Kylie
>>> Minogue and many others have taken the likeness of this female robot and, as
>>> you’ll see in the “Paparazzi” video, Lady Gaga also continues this
>>> “tradition”.
>> ...
>>> You only need to look at a couple of Lady Gaga pictures or videos to
>>> notice that she is constantly hiding one of her eyes. Most people will
>>> simply interpret this as ”a cool thing to do” or a “fashion statement”.
>>> Those who have passed the 101 of Illuminati symbolism know that the
>>> All-Seeing Eye is probably its most recognizable symbol. The gesture of
>>> hiding one eye, usually the left one, goes way back in occult orders.
>> ...
>>> Lady G is talking in a vaporous and robotic way, as if she was
>>> lobotomized, about a man who “swallowed her brain”. Gaga is questioned by a
>>> man who is talking in a very strange and hypnotic matter. If this is not
>>> about mind control, I have no idea what its about.
>> Probably the latter, but fun anyway.
>> http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=2737
>> http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=3423
>> sdw
> bahahahahahahaha.
> that is all.
> j

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