[FoRK] At the Tea Party

Zee Roe zero at rawbw.com
Mon Mar 22 12:25:04 PDT 2010

On Mon, 22 Mar 2010, Jeff Bone wrote:

> Stephen:

Not stephen, but...

> What conclusions should we reasonably draw about "the" Tea Party 
> movement in general from this anecdotal account of a relatively small 
> fringe group in the always-amusing Deep South, as opposed to the 
> statements of the leadership of some of the more prominent 
> national-scale organizations that make up this coalition of strange 
> bedfellows?

It's another anecdote in the large pile of anecdotes I've seen in 
meatspace / on youtube / on twitter / on foxnews / *.

[I cut a few of my anecdotes, since you are unlikely to care about them -- 
if you want to hear 'em, happy to send 'em off-list.]

> (I explicitly stated that every movement has its kooks, and that "the" 
> Tea Party --- such as it is --- is no exception;  indeed, any opposition 
> group, at any time, probably has more than its fair share.  Is it fair, 
> for example, to judge the entire Democratic party on the basis of e.g. 
> the various militant black separatists, hardline socialists, truly 
> militant greens, the wildly corporate anti-WTO leftists, etc. that tend 
> to vote with that party when they aren't running their own nutty 
> candidates?)

You say "indeed, any opposition group, at any time, probably has more than 
its fair share [of kooks]".  At what point, would you say, does the kook 
factor make the opposition group in question unviable? It seems to me 
that the tea party is wildly over that threshhold, despite what its 
leaders claim and/or would like to believe.

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