[FoRK] And then there's the 2nd Amendment

Reese howell.r at inkworkswell.com
Mon Aug 31 08:18:45 PDT 2009

Benjamin Black wrote:
> Jeff Bone wrote:

>> inescapable conclusion is that you shouldn't be here.  Truly sorry for that,
>> but there are plenty of choices for other places to live that would appear
>> to agree with you in this matter.
> my guns and i take great umbrage at this hollow, nationalistic, 'love
> it or leave it' claptrap.  why do so many people passionately argue
> for the importance of the 2nd amendment via crushing the 1st?  our
> more perfect union is not a place, it is a philosophy and a process.

Probably because so many (like yonder comedians) are so ready and
willing to use the First to trash the Second and its supporters both,
and for no good reason outside of their own partisan politics. Then
people like you do not speak up in objection to the former/defense
of the latter.

Stick that in your philosophy and process it.

> if you reject the part of the philosophy that covers our freedom to
> simultaneously disagree and still all be citizens, you've left america
> no matter where you live.

Either tell it to Gonze and Morton or shut up and sit down, since you
otherwise seem to favor trivializing the real reasons for 2A with such
things as Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority (tm-Morton).

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