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Gordon Mohr gojomo at boxbe.com
Fri Jun 5 16:51:51 PDT 2009

- Gordon, enjoying this exercise

that presentation today?
messages were at the bottom of a list. Do you still use
experiences with email probably had an inbox where newest
Habits are far from impossible to change. Your first

wind blows.
don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the
map better to current technology, it's worth a try. You
athwart history, yelling "stop!" If another style might
But how far can or should the trend go? I won't stand

the youngest members?)
posting of timestamped communication. Aren't these also
Facebook, and Blogger -- are dominated by rev-chron top-
(Three of Alexa's top 10 websites by traffic -- YouTube,

presentation, and it makes logical sense.
recency until other votes come in) all have embraced this
(including YouTube and 'social news' sites that prefer
Twitter, news feeds, many kinds of sorted comment threads
Today, rev-chron top-posting is bursting out all over. Blogs,

but we didn't yet know how to use them.
think of examples?) We had screens and scrolling windows --
almost no reverse-chronological presentation. (Can anyone
Conventions matter, and that's why 20 years ago, there was

for others' consumption is composed and distributed on the
pen and paper now only for personal scribbles; *everything*
the world of the screen we now inhabit. (I essentially use
costs. Ink works poorly, and paper too, at least compared to
That, I thought I covered. The past is dead. Frozen. Sunk

> I'll point to all the ones written top to bottom, to prove mine.
> format, to prove your point.
> writes bottom to top as a matter of course per your suggested
> Show me any culture (need I specify "still viable culture"?) that
> good reason you cite? Anything at all, besides whimsy?
> reason, why should the convention be discarded? Is there any
> It was based on a practical and logically arrived-at
Reese wrote:

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