[FoRK] oh, happy besotted day! not.

Rohit Khare khare at alumni.caltech.edu
Fri Feb 13 18:42:13 PST 2009

Oh, wait, you say it's too late? That this isn't the boozy  
Valentine's Day love Renkoo was searching for?! How nice to see that  
Zuck & Lar-gei's principles are entirely negotiable... :(

> Facebook and Google turn to booze to raise money during economic  
> downturn
> Social networking sites such as Facebook and search engine giant  
> Google are turning to booze in a bid to raise funds during the  
> economic downturn.
> By Noam Friedlander in Los Angeles
> Last Updated: 1:16AM GMT 14 Feb 2009
> In order to create a new advertising revenue source, Facebook is  
> now allowing software developers to promote alcohol in programmes  
> they create, which can run on the social-networking site –  
> providing they block anyone under the age of 21 from accessing them.
> Facebook isn't the only internet business looking to alcohol to  
> save them as Google changed its policy late last year to allow  
> advertisers bid for ad placements alongside search words featuring  
> hard-alcohol and liqueur drinkers in the US.
> The company had already relaxed its policies about beer-related  
> adverts months earlier while, elsewhere, the NBA rescinded a ban on  
> courtside advertising by liquor companies.
> The internet isn't alone in this relaxed change of direction, as US  
> TV stations have also become lax in regards to alcohol related  
> advertisements. During the Grammy Awards earlier this week, LA  
> (along with 14 other cities) aired an Absolut Vodka commercial,  
> which marked the first time in years that a liquor advert ran in  
> prime time on network-owned stations.

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