[FoRK] kindle?

Kent Spaulding kent at iotabits.com
Tue Feb 10 12:27:39 PST 2009

You can email your documents to yourself via free process and forward  
system, or email them to your kindle directly.  There's a fee if they  
go to the kindle directly.


create doc --> email to kindle --> amazon processes it (adds DRM?) -->  
read on kindle -> pay 10 cents per doc.
create doc --> email to free.kindle --> amazon processes it (adds  
DRM?)  and fwds to you at youremail --> usb to kindle --> read on kindle.  
(this is 'free')

beauty - you *may* not even 'own' the docs you created once they are  
on the kindle, and you pay in money or time.

> -tom(no sd slot to get pdf/rtf/txt/cbr files on the
> device..really???Really??)higgins
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