[FoRK] I've joined the modern era

Tom Higgins tomhiggins at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 19:35:49 PST 2009

They are mining the data put up on their servers...no shit really???

Srsly Beberg, yeah that is sort of the given on all the social network
type sites that have the mass of users and data  to make a tipping
point of utility happen. Even lowly I , 4 years out of being even
tangentially in the biz, know that. the gold coin you pay for using
such services  is the info you put up and the traces you leave on
their rice paper.

Heck, some of the faces , yes faces, I see up on FB used to be
cypherpunks who at one time wore masks in photos to protect and
preserve against such things as they are giving away each time they
superpoke or send us up another lolcat photo of themselves. FB s the
first time in yearsI have seen so many truenyms collected with
aggregate data and marketing info not just  from the mass lumpen but
the dinkum thinkums as well.

So ya better start swimming
or you'll be drenched to the bone
cause the times they are a changing.

But you know this already.

And yeah, FB's usefulness  for social connectivity amongst the varied
groupings I have been in over much of my life is by far the best I
have come across so far. So for me, and it seems for many more than I
would have thought, the price of admission is worth the use.ykwcv

-tom(filters, did you mention filters..yeah filters seem to be the
thing ..funny I think i said that before a few zillion times:)-

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