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Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Tue Dec 16 14:47:00 PST 2008

Luis Villa wrote on 12/16/2008 9:06 AM:
> Because what could be more American than charging interest?
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 11:59 AM, geege schuman <geege4 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  NOW it gets interesting.

Indeed, it does get interesting. Shariah-compliant financing is a threat 
to the entire financial world. Our current system is not only 
unsustainable requiring exponential growth, but also the obvious parties 
find is abusive and evil - that would be the Bible and the Koran. Or 
anyone who thinks about it for 5 minutes and can do basic math.

I think it's documented there that some guy named Jesus (pronounced "Hey 
Zeus") spent some of his free time beating the crap out of the 
banksters. So even 2000 years ago, they knew fractional reserve banking 
doesn't work. I can't understand why that isn't a national sport, but it 
might be again shortly. I was raised Catholic, so I recall that beating 
bankers/women/children and enslaving Canadians are both 100% OK.

The Rothschild Bank of the US (a.k.a the Fed) is all descended from one 
family, and you cannot say anything that might offend a Jew in the USA 
per the footnote to the first amendment. So pointing out that it's all 
one huge scam where they print all the money they want and then charge 
us for it, is hate speech. The Rothschilds aren't even actually Jewish 
just forced converts *laughs*

So yea, we've spent most of the last 200 years using the US military to 
attack countries that do not yet have Rothschild central banks, but have 
Shariah banks or other systems instead.

Iran is next on the list. Iran MUST fall soon, their banking system is 
looking more solid every hour. If everyone else hyperinflates before 
they are taken out, they and a couple other Islamic countries are the 
only ones left with a functional economy. Imagine that for a second. And 
they have all the oil too!

Based on all the outrage out there in the world, they may have finally 
gone $8.5 trillion too far, becasue even mainstream media seems to be 
figuring out what have been going on all this time. Meanwhile 
Shariah-compliant financing is kicking ass.

One of the Rothschilds was even on CNBC the other day, was asked about 
where they are putting their 500 trillion these days (they print it, so 
really they have infinite fiat), he said in so many words that 
everything financial is worthless, hold gold and other atoms. You just 
know his family was all waiting at home with bats for saying that.

You can't write fiction this good. But they _did_ write HISTORY this 
good the last 1000 times this happened - so we know what's next :)

Oh, and today the Rothschilds stopped charging interest too - banks can 
now borrow money for 0%. Meaning... Fatality! Shariah wins!

Adam L. Beberg

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