[FoRK] Expatriate tax, was Re: OB_JEFFERSON

Stephen D. WIlliams sdw at lig.net
Fri Jun 13 20:21:23 PDT 2008

Russell Turpin wrote:
> Jeff Bone:
>> You know you keep making these claims, but they're awfully sparse on
>> details.
> ...
>> Have you *tried* to wire even a mid-five-figure chunk between
>> *domestic* banks lately? 
> No, but I did close an account recently, mid-five figures, and had the 
> bank mail me a check. It came by FedEx and took three days.  
A few years ago, I wired about $30K to a factory in China (well, Taiwan)
from a branch in Nevada (while I lived in Virginia and had an account in
California). There wasn't anything to it. So the government gets a
report. So what?

What kind of bank do you use JB??


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