Adam L Beberg beberg at mithral.com
Wed Jun 11 16:19:08 PDT 2008

Simon Wistow wrote on 6/11/2008 3:21 PM:
> What would make it suck more is this new tax
> http://www.withersworldwide.com/news-publications/324/exit-tax-u-s-expatriates-to-become-law.aspx
> which, unless I'm reading it wrong, under certain, quite common 
> circumstances would mean I would have to, amongst other things, pay a 
> one off tax of 30% on the net unrealized gain of all my assets 
> *worldwide*.

Yup. The US is desperate to keep people from moving money elsewhere so 
it can keep feeding on the taxes. Just look what is happening to 
California as the rich people pull money and themselves out to avoid the 
insane taxes here. Holy deficit Batmat.

Since we all know the ship is sinking and the smart money is exiting 
stage left, the gov is doing the things governments do in that 
situation, and this is usually the first step. Not far down the road is 
prohibiting turning dollars into other currencies. Get your money into 
atoms while you can ;) Oh but another step is opening and seizing safety 
deposit boxes to sell the stuff for state revenue, which also already 
happened here in California, wheee!

Crossref this with the swiss safe deposit box seizing, you'll see that 
they are also essentially shutting down the swiss banks. The US has 
forced them to open up records, which of course means anyone that would 
want a swiss account no longer does. And they wonder why commodities are 
going nuts. Fiat currency, take #782154. Never ends any differently.

Watch Florida for the housing/banking collapse, California for the asset 
seizures. The war on the rich has begun, and they will win.

Adam L. Beberg

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