[FoRK] One fundamental problem with the left...

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Mon Jun 9 15:22:46 PDT 2008

The following clip shows Obama slamming Bush and McCain on economics.   
He gets a lot of it right;  Bush together with his 6-year rubber-stamp  
*is in fact* the most fiscally-irresponsible American government in  
our history, and there's some risk that until the GOP gets slapped  
back to square zero their rhetoric about fiscal responsibility is a  
steaming pile of horse shit.

OTOH, he also betrays a fundamental position of the left that, IMHO,  
is *wrong.*


Later in this speech, though not in this clip (the video depicting  
this other part of this speech it seems to have appeared and  
immediately disappeared from YouTube) though a simple slip of the  
tongue he calls it like he sees it.  In discussing a proposed further  
tax cut --- which, btw, I do not myself endorse until and unless it is  
coupled with a reduction in federal spending to balance the budget ---  
he says that it will "cost" us such-and-such amount.  Listen to any  
Dem talk about tax cuts, you hear that sort of thing.

True tax cuts --- when they are unencumbered with deficit spending ---  
don't *cost* money, they *save* money.  But that's the economic left  
for you:  it's fundamentally the government's money, it's not yours.   
They're here to help...


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