[FoRK] Right-wing propaganda equating fascism with the left

rst at ai.mit.edu <rst at ai.mit.edu> on Wed Jan 30 14:51:32 PST 2008

Jeff Bone writes:
 > Speaking of asses and the Republic(ans) --- what, weren't we? --- has  
 > anybody had a chance to read _Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of  
 > the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning_ by  
 > Jonah Goldberg?  This is becoming the right-wingnuts equivalent of  
 > The God Delusion --- a book that becomes a rallying point.  Over the  
 > last couple of weeks it's been talked up on every right-wing media  
 > outlet I sample.

Well, here's as much as I need to know about the depth of thought
that went into this tome:


which presents Goldberg's excuses for his earlier remarkable claim
that it's unfair to pin the label of "Fascist" on... Benito Mussolini.

Having seen this, I have decided to remain wilfully and happily
ignorant of the book itself, so I won't respond further --- but
Google will turn up no shortage of liberals with a lot more to
say about it if you're curious.


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