[FoRK] Back to... paper?

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Tue Nov 20 13:29:21 PST 2007

Don't you guys read everything I write? ;-)  (As I look over the 50 
messages I'm behind..., since I am packing / filtering / scanning to move.)

That guy must have been reading my posts:
And others...

And I'm very interested in the Kindle.  I sure wish someone would have 
thought of me as a beta tester....!  I would be a very good reviewer and 
tech tester.  It will be interesting to see how well I can convert my 
scan PDFs to something usable.  After testing one, it my be my main gift 
to children.

That's it, I'm publishing a blog, right after I move and get my new 
mondo server colocated.  I'm going to back-publish various things like 
this.  I imagine some kind of semantically linked and nicely structured 
space.  We'll see if I can get it to gel yet to my satisfaction.


Jeff Bone wrote:
> Okay, so I've desperately been trying to rid my life of paper for 
> years, and...  well, not succeeding.
> This evening after reading this:
> http://www.43folders.com/2007/11/06/palimpsest-guide-mostly-paperless-life 
> I found myself looking at this:
>   http://www.livescribe.com/
> ...when a commercial for this came across the tube:
>   http://www.flyworld.com
> That kind of coincidence suggests to me that this is, perhaps, an area 
> worthy of more attention than I've paid to it to date.
> Anyone have any experience with any of these (types of) products?  Any 
> of these hackable?  Flyworld is all-PC as far as I can tell;  
> Livescribe not clear.
> jb
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