[FoRK] More cool things: two useful Google hacks

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Thu Oct 11 13:36:23 PDT 2007

Not quite exactly what Lion's looking for, but:

You can restrict Google queries to a particular set of websites, thus  
in essence creating a "custom search engine" that only operates over  
the indicated sites.

DeliGoo is a tool that uses this feature to build a custom index of  
your (or anyone's) delicious bookmarks, or any tagged subset thereof,  
in effect giving you a searchable browse history.  Very useful,  
though I wish it was just a straight-up web interface rather than a  
Firefox / IE extension.




Also --- random tangent, but --- in Google spreadsheets it's possible  
to look up various bits of random information (number of internet  
users in Paraguay;  Roger Clemens' earned run average;  population of  
Burma;  length of Amazon river...) and insert it dynamically into the  
spreadsheet.  Cf. the help page on "How can I use spreadsheets to  
answer some of my many questions about the world?"


All the pieces are getting there, albeit slowly...



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