[FoRK] Poll: I would rather my daughter married a Muslim than anAtheist

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Sat Jun 23 09:52:45 PDT 2007

Tom Higgins wrote:
> ...
> When I lived in NYC and to some extent before I got married in
> Portland I walked. Looking back over my normal routes back in my NYC
> days 10 years ago I walked a lot...bog love the sidewalk view of
> google for walking the nostalgia tours.
I would much rather walk between mid-town and Battery or Wall Street 
than take the subway.  Taxis are OK, but both the NYC and London subways 
give me sinus infections or something from the hundreds of years worth 
of rat droppings or whatever.  London also has the diesel smog that is 
absent in the US (and Helsinki and Tokyo and Canada).  I have no 
problems on DC, SF, or Paris metro's.
> When you can walk your mind can wander in ways not planned or plotted
> as such, you can be open to visual, auditory and olfactory events..and
> i don't mean just the bucolic lovelyness most folks think of while
> pounding foot to ground. Ever go wander in an old bookstore and catch
> a whiff of something arcane  and wonderful?
In my business travels, I often reserve 1 day to do some turbo 
siteseeing.  In Montreal, a few years ago, I realized at the end of the 
day that I had walked at least 43 miles.  (Well, I ran a few of those up 
to the mountain when it was getting dark.)  The next day, one leg was 
perfectly fine and the other I could barely move.  Maybe blood flow when 
sleeping or something allowed one to repair better.

Anyway, in Paris, I got the bright idea to rent a scooter.  I drove all 
around, day and night, in 30-50 degree weather, stopping to snap many 
pictures and to park and walk around in a focused way.  It was my best 
turbo-siteseeing strategy yet.  70km at up to 80km/hr. in half a day.  I 
don't seem to have published those pictures yet!

Although skating in high speed with my buddy and a local guy at night 
through Tokyo city traffic was pretty cool also.
> Oh yea, and if you stop walking you might gain 50 lbs in half a year.
> Yea, did I mention the dumb as fuck part too?
Where in Florida?  Everywhere?
Besides Silicon Valley, NYC, and DC, where are the smartest places to live?
> -tomhiggins


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