[FoRK] Poll: I would rather my daughter married a Muslim than an Atheist

Bill Stoddard <bill at wstoddard.com> on Fri Jun 22 20:11:34 PDT 2007

Lion Kimbro wrote:
> On 6/22/07, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 04:41:35PM -0700, Lion Kimbro wrote:
>> > >Hence in practice, rational advocacy is a waste of everybody's time.
>> >
>> >  I wouldn't go so far;
>> >  A lot of times, I've been convinced of something, by an argument
>> I've never seen people lose or gain a religious belief system as the
>> result of a rational argument. Never. It is always as rational as
>> as congenital disease, or catching TB.
>  Of course not;
>  When people change their mind over something deeply personal,
>  it's almost always in the privacy of the bedroom.
>  Here's how most of my major life changes have happened:
>  * I'm by myself.
>  * I'm sitting, and thinking about something important to me.
>  * I hear the voices of different arguments I've been in with people,
>    in the back of my mind.
>  * I replay the different ones, and fit it together.
>  * Some things click, some things don't.  I see how some things
>    undermine still other things.
>  * (And so on, and so forth.)
>  At some point, something becomes clear, and my mind changes.
>  It would never have happened if I hadn't had all those conversations
>  with people, and heard their reasons for things.
>  Given that most meaningful changes in my own thinking have happened
>  in the privacy of my own mind, when I knew that I was not being 
> influenced
>  by the "heat of the moment" with others presence,
>  Given that I have observed others change, between individual meetings
>  with them,
>  But Given Also that I have not seen them change, on the spot, in direct
>  response to my giving them an argument,
>  Given that people have told me, "You know, I was thinking about what
>  you said a few days ago, .... It really stuck with me, and, ..."
>  ...it seems reasonable to me that people change their minds,
>  in response to rational arguments, but that it's something that takes
>  time, and processing, and privacy.

Yes, Lion, exactly. That has been my experience and my observation of 


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