[FoRK] Re: "Thanks for the Facts. Now Sell Them."

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Fri Apr 20 20:05:04 PDT 2007

On Apr 20, 2007, at 2:36 PM, Tom Higgins wrote:

> On 4/20/07, Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> wrote:
>>   Straw Man Step I:
>>     [ X ] Construct an argument that the opponent didn't make.
>>   Straw Man Step II:
>>     [ X ]  Destroy the argument, with all firepower available.
> All Firepower? You aint been here that long have ya?:)-

You know, apropos FoRK-lately, I've been feeling a bit like the  
gunslingers must've felt when Tombstone shut down the daily free-fire  
happy hour.

This tadpole's just got *no* idea, does he, Tom?



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