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Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Fri Apr 20 18:38:34 PDT 2007

Among my first reactions was irritation that no one present was able to 
shoot back.  One or two people, you just don't have time in a lot of 
cases.  60?  Give me a break.  I still think people should have been 
rushing him, holding up books or desks or whatever, but that's of 
questionable effectiveness.

If more people have guns, there will be more accidents, and that 
includes impulsiveness.  Regrettable, but unless society can weed out 
unstable people nearly completely, and that's unlikely with our porous 
borders, highly strained people, and significant groups out to kill us 
sooner or later, self-protection and the comfort that self-control over 
our destiny gives us is worth the cost.  On the other hand, more people 
will stay civil and control their craziness, or they will be disposed of 

At the very least, tasers and similar seriously disabling weapons should 
be widespread.  Put one on the wall of every public room or hallway...

Kudos to CNN for having a good both-sides-of-the-story.

 Nugent: Gun-free zones are recipe for disaster
POSTED: 5:26 p.m. EDT, April 20, 2007

More on CNN TV: Ted Nugent participates in a roundtable discussion on 
gun control tonight on "Glenn Beck," Headline Prime, 7 p.m. ET.
By Ted Nugent
Special to CNN

Editor's note: Rock guitarist Ted Nugent has sold more than 30 million 
albums. He's also a gun rights activist and serves on the board of 
directors of the National Rifle Association. His program, "Ted Nugent 
Spirit of the Wild," can be seen on the Outdoor Channel.

Read an opposing take on gun control from journalist Tom Plate: Let's 
lay down our right to bear arms

WACO, Texas (CNN) -- Zero tolerance, huh? Gun-free zones, huh? Try this 
on for size: Columbine gun-free zone, New York City pizza shop gun-free 
zone, Luby's Cafeteria gun-free zone, Amish school in Pennsylvania 
gun-free zone and now Virginia Tech gun-free zone.

Anybody see what the evil Brady Campaign and other anti-gun cults have 
created? I personally have zero tolerance for evil and denial. And 
America had best wake up real fast that the brain-dead celebration of 
unarmed helplessness will get you killed every time, and I've about had 
enough of it.

Nearly a decade ago, a Springfield, Oregon, high schooler, a hunter 
familiar with firearms, was able to bring an unfolding rampage to an 
abrupt end when he identified a gunman attempting to reload his 
.22-caliber rifle, made the tactical decision to make a move and tackled 
the shooter.

A few years back, an assistant principal at Pearl High School in 
Mississippi, which was a gun-free zone, retrieved his legally owned Colt 
.45 from his car and stopped a Columbine wannabe from continuing his 
massacre at another school after he had killed two and wounded more at 

At an eighth-grade school dance in Pennsylvania, a boy fatally shot a 
teacher and wounded two students before the owner of the dance hall 
brought the killing to a halt with his own gun.

More recently, just a few miles up the road from Virginia Tech, two law 
school students ran to fetch their legally owned firearm to stop a 
madman from slaughtering anybody and everybody he pleased. These brave, 
average, armed citizens neutralized him pronto.

My hero, Dr. Suzanne Gratia Hupp, was not allowed by Texas law to carry 
her handgun into Luby's Cafeteria that fateful day in 1991, when due to 
bureaucrat-forced unarmed helplessness she could do nothing to stop 
satanic George Hennard from killing 23 people and wounding more than 20 
others before he shot himself. Hupp was unarmed for no other reason than 
denial-ridden "feel good" politics.

She has since led the charge for concealed weapon upgrade in Texas, 
where we can now stop evil. Yet, there are still the mindless puppets of 
the Brady Campaign and other anti-gun organizations insisting on 
continuing the gun-free zone insanity by which innocents are forced into 
unarmed helplessness. Shame on them. Shame on America. Shame on the 
anti-gunners all.

No one was foolish enough to debate Ryder truck regulations or ammonia 
nitrate restrictions or a "cult of agriculture fertilizer" following the 
unabashed evil of Timothy McVeigh's heinous crime against America on 
that fateful day in Oklahoma City. No one faulted kitchen utensils or 
other hardware of choice after Jeffrey Dahmer was caught drugging, 
mutilating, raping, murdering and cannibalizing his victims. Nobody 
wanted "steak knife control" as they autopsied the dead nurses in 
Chicago, Illinois, as Richard Speck went on trial for mass murder.

Evil is as evil does, and laws disarming guaranteed victims make evil 
people very, very happy. Shame on us.

Already spineless gun control advocates are squawking like chickens with 
their tiny-brained heads chopped off, making political hay over this 
most recent, devastating Virginia Tech massacre, when in fact it is 
their own forced gun-free zone policy that enabled the unchallenged 
methodical murder of 32 people.

Thirty-two people dead on a U.S. college campus pursuing their American 
Dream, mowed-down over an extended period of time by a lone, 
non-American gunman in possession of a firearm on campus in defiance of 
a zero-tolerance gun ban. Feel better yet? Didn't think so.

Who doesn't get this? Who has the audacity to demand unarmed 
helplessness? Who likes dead good guys?

I'll tell you who. People who tramp on the Second Amendment, that's who. 
People who refuse to accept the self-evident truth that free people have 
the God-given right to keep and bear arms, to defend themselves and 
their loved ones. People who are so desperate in their drive to control 
others, so mindless in their denial that they pretend access to gas 
causes arson, Ryder trucks and fertilizer cause terrorism, water causes 
drowning, forks and spoons cause obesity, dialing 911 will somehow save 
your life, and that their greedy clamoring to "feel good" is more 
important than admitting that armed citizens are much better equipped to 
stop evil than unarmed, helpless ones.

Pray for the families of victims everywhere, America. Study the 
methodology of evil. It has a profile, a system, a preferred environment 
where victims cannot fight back. Embrace the facts, demand upgrade and 
be certain that your children's school has a better plan than Virginia 
Tech or Columbine. Eliminate the insanity of gun-free zones, which will 
never, ever be gun-free zones. They will only be good guy gun-free 
zones, and that is a recipe for disaster written in blood on the altar 
of denial. I, for one, refuse to genuflect there.

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Read an opposing point of view from journalist Tom Plate: Let's lay down 
our right to bear arms

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Travis Carollo, Sullivan, Missouri
I agree 100 percent. The only thing anti-guns laws will prevent is 
normal law-abiding citizens from owning them. Criminals will always find 
a way to obtain a gun. They are criminals. They will never follow the 
law. Way to go Nuge!

Doug, Houston, Texas
Frankly I got sick in my stomach reading Mr. Nugent's article. According 
to Mr. Nugent, the solution is very simple: All citizens should be armed 
and the world would be a much safer place. Let's take a moment to think 
about the implication of this. The criminals are not dumb. If we average 
law-abiding citizens were allowed to freely purchase weapons, the 
criminals would do everything they could to ensure they have the upper 
hands on their firepower. Of course, we would immediately do the same to 
regain our upper hands. What then would you think the criminals would do 
in return?

Kathy Culley, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Ted has hit the nail on the head. Making the right to bear arms illegal 
is only illegal for the "good" guys. The "bad" guys will always have 
access through their illegal ways. Just thinking that someone may be 
carrying a gun might deter would-be killers out of their heinous crime. 
Way to go Ted for speaking out for our American rights!

Nita Olson, Florence, Mississippi
I believe he is right! I'm not fond of guns, but I believe we should 
have the right to bear arms and protect our loved ones. I, for one, 
would not hesitate to shoot someone trying to enter my house, car, etc. 
Reason being you ask? If the "suspect" is entering my home, armed with a 
gun, then I feel no remorse about shooting someone who is coming into my 
"zone" with the intent of hurting/killing me or family and taking things 
that I have worked hard for and will not give it up "because it can be 

Joe Russo, Staten Island, New York
Ted Nugent really has a twisted way of looking at the violence that 
seems to regularly plague us. As a hunter and gun owner, I do believe in 
our right to bear arms. However, that right should not include hand guns 
and assualt weapons.

Josh Munford, Lincoln, Nebraska
Simply stated, Ted Nugent is right. The fact of the matter is that these 
anti-gun activists have created more problems. Evil will always find a 
way and giving them more opportunity by creating "anti" laws in all 
reality protects them. It's common sense to a criminal: "Law-abiding 
citizens won't be prepared here or here or here, so I'll be able to 
create the most destruction, panic and chaos there." What are you 
thinking by creating anti-gun laws, and gun free zones?

Linda, Plymouth, Michigan
To back up Ted's points, when have we ever heard of a gunman killing 32 
people in a police station? How about at an Army Base in Michigan? Nope. 
How about at the local shooting range? Tons of guns there, you'd think 
there'd be mass killing there every other weekend with all the guns...oh 
wait...at all those places the victims would be armed and would shoot 
back. An armed gunman wouldn't get out more than one shot, if that, 
before being stopped.

John Thatamanil, Nashville, Tennessee
"A God-given right to bear guns?" Dear Mr. Nugent, which God, pray tell, 
are you speaking about? Surely not Jesus, you know, the one who said, 
"He who lives by the sword dies by the sword." Frankly, I find Mr. 
Nugent whatever God he claims to worship terribly frightening. Stick to 
rock, Mr. Nugent, you are terrifically good at that!

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