[FoRK] Re: "Thanks for the Facts. Now Sell Them."

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Tue Apr 17 13:50:30 PDT 2007

On 4/17/07, Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> wrote:
>   But what are they going to get a grip ON?
>   A cold, hollow, soulless world?  I see clearly why most
>   people are refusing.

Here is where I loose it on the *eists

Why is it "cold, hollow, souless" to say "I do not pretend to know
what made all this happen  let alone base my dietary laws on it"? Is
it any less cold hollow and souless to make pretend strawmen and pin
the thrust on them? Why is it considered a horrible thing (check the
polls on how low folks in america rate atheists) to say that the made
up stories to explain away thing we do not understand are made up? Why
is it a virtue to stand there and rim the emperor over his new

Flimflam and tricksters may win the hearts and minds of the masses but
does that make them any less flimsyflamy orr tricky?

Is it any wonder we got what we got on film at eleven? yeeeesh.

>   Tom Higgins, you're playing exactly into what I described
>   in my first e-mail:  You're thrusting the decision, "TRUTH
>   or COMFORT", even "TRUTH or NEED" onto people.
>   -- It's not a decision they don't even need to make in the
>   first place!  It's the wrong question to throw at people!

The question is not THRUST on people any more(less) than GRAVITY is
THRUST on people. It is as it is.  You can talk blue in the face about
not believing in gravity, how gravity is a misinterpretation of a 3rd
century translation into the local Urdu, how cruel and wrong it is to
force people to be THRUST with the horrors of Gravity...but the fall
is the fall.


>   Listen to Richard Dawkin's talking with earnest and sincere
>   wonder, about the evolutionary history that led to our lives,
>   to your lives.  This isn't just some abstract theory;  This is
>   the real thing!

Dawkins I have heard go on about all manner of things and the thing
that I take away from his words are that the beauty of it all is that
it is even at all, Hamburger Helper is not needed.

Also, never underestimate the need of humans to blow on to get a sense
of self, even when the riff is lousy disco even when a love supreme is
around to blow on.


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