[FoRK] Jesus Pizza

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Tue Apr 17 09:36:04 PDT 2007

The church my family goes to (http://uvchurch.com/) also runs a coffee
shop (http://urbangrindcoffee.com/). For the last couple of months
they have been opening up on Sundays and from 9 to around 4 there is
free drip coffee, tea and snacks. The regular staff gets the day off
and the place is run by people from the church. The push to sell jesus
on the side is very very low key, in fact its more like a "If  they
ask then give them the word", which unlike the jesus Pizza tact seems
to get more people with less of a creep factor.

The church behind the coffee shop is so low key that folks who have
gone to the coffee shop for years do not know there is a church
service Sunday nights or the church runs the coffee shop.

Of all the church run type things I have seen in  my days this has
been the least offensive, which is a good thing cause the wife and I
help out every last Sunday of the month. If you ask me for the message
though your as likely to get a scree on the fsm or bob as you will to
hear about rabbi jc.

In the times i have worked there I only have had a couple of people go
deep on asking why the coffee was free. "Oh so the church is doing
this, so now your going to preach to me?" Mostly I say "Not from me,
just enjoy the coffee and be cool to each other" or if I think the
hipster is open to the word.."My son only the noodley one itself can
transfer the faith to you, reach out and feel his love"

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