[FoRK] Large 1TiB< n < 1PiB Backup

Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Tue Dec 26 10:02:45 PST 2006

I'm going to be experimenting with the Tivoli CDP software, even though 
they haven't released a Linux or Mac version yet.


What WebDav server would people recommend for a Linux server?

I ran across the Spare Backup service while researching.  They offer 
"unlimited" (unlimited=50GB) backup at $4.99/mo. flat rate.



Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Steve Nordquist wrote:
>> ...
>> Use JBIG and JPEG2000 already!  There's a little bit of the toolkit API
>> exposed in the apps by...PaintShop Pro seems to be by Jasc.com .
> I don't think that would help.  Nikon NEF raw images hold not only 
> losslessly compressed 4288x2848x36bit images (almost 55MB of raw data 
> potentially), but also includes extensive EXIF and EXIF-like data 
> about camera parameters.  These are now required for processing 
> through the software I use which corrects for camera / lens 
> combinations based on actual measurements.  This includes lens 
> distortion at a given focal length, including zoom, chromatic 
> aberration, etc.  Metadata would have to round trip exactly to be useful.
> Because of color masking, the raw uncompressed data should only be 
> about 19MB (4288x2848*12/8).
> After replacing my sensor, they must have turned off lossless compression.
> sdw

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