[FoRK] quasicarols

Dave Long < dave.long at bluewin.ch > on > Tue Dec 26 08:10:52 PST 2006

After spending too much time annoying my wife by attempting to 
reverse-engineer the melody from a Tannenbaum/beau 
sapin/albero*-playing wind-up snowglobe she received as a lagniappe, 
I've resolved to switch to messing with lyrics and annoying you all 

> O phylogram o phylogram,
> What determines your κλάδοι?
> No picking a dominion race,
> Just deltas in genetic base.
> O phylogram o phylogram,
> Objective are your κλάδοι.

or, for those among us celebrating Newtonmas:

> Condense, all ye massful,
> Follow geodesics.
> Condense ye, condense to singularity.
> Mass and momentum,
> With the metric tensor.
> ||: Venite calculemus, :||
> Lorentzians.


:: :: ::

* A/ GarageBand has a deplorable lack of 3/4 loops
   B/ given that among the swiss this is also the season of chocolate 
and lingerie specials, I wouldn't be surprised if the evergreen had -- 
like the holiday season itself -- some earlier symbolic associations 
before being pressed into the service of the church

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