[FoRK] Beware NordicTrack

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Wed Dec 20 15:38:05 PST 2006

Tell your friends...

We bought an exercise bike from Sears (~$400) last March. It has been a 
real pain dealing with NordicTrack customer service (Sears refused to 
let us return it for a refund!). The bike has a poorly designed/machined 
cam/flywheel/something and broke within a month of normal use (this is 
apparently a common problem with the model we bought. wtf?).

We are still trying to get an operable bike. Even with the upgrade they 
gave us, we're having problems (from a part broken in transit; see 
below.) Optimists that we are, we hope to get the issue resolved before 
we move in May...

We have assembled 3 bikes, practically made friends with our local 
NordicTrack repair guy, gone through at least 2 customer service reps 
(they changed jobs or something), and had a handful of "wrong parts" 
mailed to us. One of the bikes arrived broken because of abuse from UPS. 
The package was at least 50 lbs, and it had been pierced pretty hard 
with something.

Plus the bike were completely unassembled. It isn't fun assembling 3 
bikes from itty bitty pieces, only to not have something working at the 
end of those hours.  It's not like we're trying to effect a lifestyle 
change or anything...

Oh, have I mentioned how atrocious package handling is down here?? 
Sheesh. Practically every package we get looks like they played soccer 
with it. Luckily the computer we ordered arrived intact (though the 
shipping box had a hole in it).

What surprises me is that I thought NordicTrack had a good reputation. 
We trusted the name when we bought the machine...

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