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Does the term Islamic Fascist inform so much more discreetly? Isn't it just
new phraseology that pokes the bamboo spear of ideology into our eardrums
when we really need the hearing aid of policy? 

"Anything Fascist" is okay if it isn't used to justify pre-emptive acts by
evoking WWII mistakes.  You know, late to the fracas and all that.   


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You know... for all I rant against the Bush cabal and its underlying  
ideological sickness that is infecting this country today, and for  
all that I've denounced uber-wingnut Michael Savage before, I was  
somewhat encouraged to hear Bush use Savage's term "Islamo-fascist" a  
week or so ago.  Indeed, it captures the essence of the problem.   
However ideologically tone-deaf and blind Bush and his hordes may be,  
that term DOES capture an essential aspect of the  problem, both in  
the Muslim street:  a failure to respect the need for separation of  
secular and religious concerns in government.

I note that we suffer today from that same problem at home.   
Unfortunately the term "Judeo-Christian fascist" just doesn't come  
off the tongue as neatly as "Islamo-fascist."  And it suffers the  
same problem:  it's too narrow, highlighting a particular (pair or  
family of, in this case) belief.  I've been looking for a better  
term, and tonight concluded that "theofascism" was just that term.  A  
quick Google revealed many hits, and a domain:  theofascism.org.


Not much there, but it's interesting to trace the links through the  
blogroll at that site.  (Faith Voices for the Common Good?  Hmmm...   
are these guys crypto-theofascists?)

At any rate, let's see if we can get this term pushed more into the  
mainstream vernacular, what say?



Men never commit evil so fully and joyfuly as when they do it for  
religious convictions.
	- Blaise Pascal

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