[FoRK] Screw You, Carly.

Eugen Leitl < eugen at leitl.org > on > Fri Sep 8 06:11:24 PDT 2006

On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 07:54:49PM +0100, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 7 Sep 2006, at 19:37, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> >So Screw YOU Carly, Michael, et al.  Next time I'm going it alone.   
> >You suck.

Compaqs used to suck even before they became HP. As to Frankensteins,
I do them at home. At work, I just order vanilla barebones (X2100 from
Sun), and stick standard memory and standard 10 krpm SATA (Raptors) 
into them. Yes, they do run climatized, and dust is not really a
problem. Of course hardware still fails, that's what spares and
backups are there for. I've also had a good experience with HA NFS
failover, when a system died, and I only noticed it months later.

I would not use consumer components for professional applications.
> When I used to run servers we stopped buying proper server stuff  
> altogether. Commodity stuff worked as well or better and if it broke  
> we could replace it from just about anywhere.

I don't recommend that procedure. It might work on a limited scale,
if you know very well what you're buying, or have just been lucky.
> Whatever they are they like a good supply of cool, clean air though.

Yes, and a dedicated room for the racks, remote, due to the infernal
noise (the loudest little tin I've seen so far is a T1000 Niagara).

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