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Albert Scherbinsky < albert at softwarepress.com > on > Thu Sep 7 17:15:29 PDT 2006

That's a good question, which leads me to the
following train of thought:

The word 'nation' is an existing word whose primary
sense has a fairly specific modern meaning to us.

The word 'fascism' was created new and so able to take
on the meaning of the political movement that it

You could say the WWII fascists were fascists as long
as they believed that nations should be governed
according to the fascist ideology. In that case the
answer to your question would be yes.

What you might not be prepared to do is equate
religion with nation and then equate theocracy with

Fascism is about elevating the importance of the
nation above all else, above individual rights and
above other nations.(Mussolini's definition) It's not
about equating a geopolitical entity(nation) with a
theological one(religion).

So if someone is acting purely for fanatical religious
reasons (which may be the case with some of the more
recent plotters/bombers) and you don't equate religion
with nation, then they are not fascists, they are holy

Now it may be that some of the terrorists are acting
for radical nationalist reasons and so they may be
both Islamists and Fascists. But it would be an over
generalization to apply the term fascist to the pure
holy warriors. And, this all neglects insurgents in
Iraq some of which may be neither Islamists or
Fascists, just pissed off that the US has invaded
their country.


--- Kevin Elliott <K-Elliott at wiu.edu> wrote:

> At 17:30 -0400  on  9/7/06, Albert S. wrote:
> >Nice response!
> >
> >Your point is well taken, and it had occurred to me
> >that 'nation' might be interpreted in that sense.
> >However, I think the use of the word 'nation' in an
> >intrinsically theocratic sense lends legitimacy to
> >that notion. To take on a sense to words provided
> by
> >the enemy but abhorrent to us is a mistake.
> The other way to think about it is to ask whether
> Hitler (or 
> Mussolini) were Fascists BEFORE they had control of
> their respective 
> countries.  Islam is the connecting ideology in the
> same way that 
> Anti-Semtism and a belief in the Superior Aryan
> connected Nazis.
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