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Kevin Elliott < K-Elliott at wiu.edu > on > Thu Sep 7 15:57:41 PDT 2006

At 17:30 -0400  on  9/7/06, Albert S. wrote:
>Nice response!
>Your point is well taken, and it had occurred to me
>that 'nation' might be interpreted in that sense.
>However, I think the use of the word 'nation' in an
>intrinsically theocratic sense lends legitimacy to
>that notion. To take on a sense to words provided by
>the enemy but abhorrent to us is a mistake.

The other way to think about it is to ask whether Hitler (or 
Mussolini) were Fascists BEFORE they had control of their respective 
countries.  Islam is the connecting ideology in the same way that 
Anti-Semtism and a belief in the Superior Aryan connected Nazis.
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