[FoRK] Affordable housing near Lexington, MA?

Jim Whitehead < ejw at soe.ucsc.edu > on > Thu Sep 7 10:28:43 PDT 2006

Lexington and nearby Winchester are both very expensive places to live.

Real estate in Boston tends to drop the further you get from Boston.  
One benefit to being in Lexington is that you're already 10 miles out  
from Boston, and hence can go further out in radius to find lower  
housing costs. Lexington is well served by 128 and route 2, so there  
are multiple commute options.

IMO, having lived in Troy, NY and grown up in the Boston area, there  
is higher quality of life in the Boston area. Of course, YMMV.

Finally, I'll note that $400K for 1000sq ft sounds pretty inexpensive  
by Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz standards. There is an 800 sq ft  
cottage for sale on my street for $650k.

- Jim

On Sep 6, 2006, at 6:57 PM, Corinna wrote:

> I'm investigating an opportunity with IBM in Lexington. As I know  
> very little
> about the area, and realtor.com doesn't let me search by radius, I  
> was wondering
> if any of you are from the area or know the area well enough to  
> advise me on how
> to find affordable housing within commuting distance of Lexington  
> (names of
> towns, etc, or better search engines).
> "Affordable" depends on what kind of salary they decide to offer  
> me, but let's
> just say that $400K+ for a 1000 sq.ft. house doesn't seem that  
> affordable to me.
> (Our current house here in the land of free real estate is about  
> 1400 sq.ft)
> Maybe it's not realistic to think that I can find a comparable  
> house out there?
> Maybe renting would just be better.
> What's the weather like in that area, compared, to, say,  
> Schenectady, NY?
> -Corinna
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