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Stephen D. Williams < sdw at lig.net > on > Tue Sep 5 05:50:58 PDT 2006

In GNU Emacs / XEmacs, pastes should be undoable like everything else.
I haven't seriously played with it, but the MULE subsystem / version has 
support for UTF-8, etc. I think.
I really need full UTF-8 and clean XML support in Emacs, if anyone has 
conquered it, I'd appreciate it.


Kragen Javier Sitaker wrote:
> Bill Humphries writes:
>> Go to Terminal > Window Settings... .
>> Select Keyboard from the Dropdown.
>> Select "Use Option as Meta".
> You're my friend forever.  (It's under Terminal > Window Settings >
> Keyboard.)
> There are still problems (the worst is that C-/ is backspace instead
> of undo, which is still available on C-_, closely followed by the fact
> that you can't undo a paste, and the fact that I keep hitting the
> Apple Interesting Feature key when I try to copy-region-as-kill or
> forward-word or fill-paragraph, and the way the Meta key fails to work
> with Ctrl) but now it's bearable.  As long as I don't need to type
> anything in Spanish.  (But UTF-8 support was pretty bad in vi too.)
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