[FoRK] Argh! braindead hotmail (rant)

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Mon Sep 4 10:37:41 PDT 2006

The is the most recent reply I got from Hotmail:
However, if you are having issues with your password, I suggest you reset it 
using the "Reset by E-mail" feature.  This feature allows you to reset your 
own password by clicking on the link contained in the e-mail that will be 
sent to your account.  You do not need to provide your account information; 
all you have to do is to enter your new password once you have clicked on 
the link mentioned.

OK, I RTFM'd. I sent a tech support email, saying I'd RTFM'd and I need 
another solution. I got a reply which basically was a polite version of 
RTFM. I replied back saying I'd RTFM'd and I need another solution. I got 
another reply which is basically RTFM....

The problem is, the FM says, in effect, "if you can't access your email, 
click here and we'll send you an email allowing you to reset your password." 

So I guess I'll reply yet again saying I have RTFM'd and I need a different 
way to reset my password (which I've said about 3 times already).

Why am I using hotmail? Well, it has something to do with UTPA's email 
access, which has something to do with accessing their internal wifi 
network. I haven't been on campus at a time when the service desk was open, 
so I'm trying other things (which may or may not makes sense, I know, since 
they don't actually *tell* us anything, just "click here and type this".). I 
think I'll just have to drive out there early, visit the help desk, and get 
them to give me access to the network by hook or by crook...

Last year, the network was open. Now they're making people have passwords. 
Somehow, mine isn't working. Argh!


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