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Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Thu Aug 3 21:52:26 PDT 2006

Adam L Beberg <beberg <at> mithral.com> writes:


This article (and other like it) makes me so sad... I feel like mourning. We
have several aquariums in our living room. The health of the tank really depends
on a delicate balance of several factors, only some of which can be controlled.
And as any aquarist can tell you, too many nutrients in the water column will
give you the most noxious algae you've ever seen. The grazing algae eaters
(snails, fish, shrimp, etc) are really quite essential.  A bunch of snails died
once when we accidentally fed them non-organic broccoli...

Last year, I think in the fall, we had an unusual algal bloom at South Padre
Island. Day after day, the newspaper had pictures, and articles about people who
had to walk around with face masks because the air was full of particles from
drying algae. I had to explain to my kids why we couldn't go to the beach, that
it wasn't enough to just stay out of the water.


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