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Malcolm Greenshields < greenshields at uleth.ca > on > Thu Aug 3 16:57:17 PDT 2006

Problem is, Israel would be too full and a lot of the west would be much 
emptier (admittedly more pleasant tho).

Damien Morton wrote:

> On 8/4/2006 4:42 AM, Russell Turpin wrote:
>> Malcolm Greenshields <greenshields at uleth.ca>:
>>> How can this end?
>> I have a plan. The US should enact legislation that grants immediate
>> and permanent visas to all residents of Israel, Palestine, and
>> Lebanon who wish to permanently immigrate, and who forswear all
>> religion. Before they are admitted, they must abjure Allah, G-d, and
>> Jesus, piss on a bookshelf of Torahs, Bibles, Qu'rans, crucifixes,
>> and pictures of Mohammed, and eat a ham sandwich. I'm sure some nifty
>> title could be created for this law, something about rescuing the few
>> sane and innocent who reside in the mideast. At the same time, we
>> should subsidize permanent emigration to Israel of every Islamist who
>> thinks Israel is the Little Satan, every fundamentalist Christian who
>> hopes to forward the rapture by fighting for Israel, every devout Jew
>> who wants to make aliyah, and any other idiot who thinks land can be
>> holy.
>> Then, let's declare US neutrality, and allow the defense industry to
>> market every short-distance weapon to all sides.
> Sounds a bit like my "make the the holy lands the global repository 
> for vitrified radioactive waste" plan.
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