[FoRK] Jumping the Grocery Cart

Kevin Elliott < K-Elliott at wiu.edu > on > Tue Aug 1 13:26:12 PDT 2006

At 13:08 -0700  on  8/1/06, Tom Higgins wrote:
>I miss Kozmo. Home Grocer saved my butt a few times.
>Why is this the kiss of death for dotcompanys?

My suspicion is that companies VASTLY underestimate the difficulty of 
running a successful grocer.  Inventory is a nightmare- you've got to 
carry a huge number of goods, a large fraction of which will 
deteriorate to nothing in a fairly short time.  And you've got a huge 
competitor ready to eat your lunch- the grocery store the customer is 
already familiar with and probably very close too.

My opinion is that this is an area where the existing grocery stores 
can/will do very well in.  They already have all the tools/technology 
to get the food close to you.  All they've got to do is buy a few 
trucks, setup a web site, and collect the money.  When I lived in 
Sacremento I did ALL over my grocery shopping through Safeway.com. 
$20 seemed like a small price to avoid dealing with the store.
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