[FoRK] World Map of Happiness

James Tauber < jtauber at jtauber.com > on > Mon Jul 31 06:59:10 PDT 2006

On 31/07/2006, at 6:09 AM, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
> abandoned in favour of servicing capital (and thus corporate)  
> interests at the expense of individual (and thus generally  
> socialist) interests.

Why do capital interests entail corporate interests? I think  
individual entrepreneurship is a far truer mark of capitalism than  
corporations are. And like Paul Graham, I believe corporations more  
often internally resemble mini command economies than being shining  
examples of capitalism.

And what's with equating individual interests with socialist  
interests? Almost by definition, socialism favours corporate (in the  
more general sense) interests over individual interests.

> 1a)	There's no such thing as "SANE" or "INSANE" Capitalism -- it's  
> an economic system, not a person.

Hah, that's funny *you* calling someone on anthropomorphizing! :-)


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